About us

Dominik Metzler

Founding Partner

Dominik is co-founder of Structuretech and responsible for technological development and implementation. Dominik studied Computer Science at the University of Zurich and holds a Master of Science degree. He finished a post-study in quantitative finance while making his first professional career steps at Bank Vontobel in Switzerland. There Dominik headed the Global Operational Risk Department and was responsible for the successful implementation of the operational risk framework within the bank. After his time at Bank Vontobel, Dominik moved on to head new products & business process in addition to his role as head of the structuring department for the Structured Products Unit at Bank Julius Baer. Dominik brings several years of product and process experience within the investment banking business. Combining his deep technical product and business knowledge with his passion for optimisation and automation support in financial markets, he has founded StructureTech.

Dave Stoll

Founding Partner

Dave is co-founder of StructureTech and responsible for international business development. Dave studied Economics at University of Zurich and holds a Master of Arts in Management & Economics. Previously he was a Finance Executive for Switzerland’s largest Global Insurance Company where since 2009 he held CFO positions both in Switzerland and Brazil. As a former executive, Dave brings several years of experience in the Finance and Investment area while having deep understanding of Management Information framework implementations as well as business-process automation and transformation as part of efficiency and cost reduction programs.


Reducing Costs

StructureTech supports clients in reducing their process costs through automation of their value chains. StructureTech provides Platform as a Service solutions (PaaS) that participants can connect to, resulting in higher flexibility as well as lower integration and maintenance costs.

High End Technology

StructureTech combines deep product and process knowledge with state-of-the-art messaging and cloud-platform technology. StructureTech operates in high performance and available infrastructure that fulfills all swiss banking security as well as regulatory requirements.

Regulatory Support

StructureTech Platform solution supports participants in upcoming regulatory requirements and provides them with dedicated data and reports.

Streamline Business

StructureTech Platform solution provides customized message types and protocols that can be used to automate downstream systems and processes. Standardized reporting gives an overview of business volume, downstream status and progress.



Derivative Platform

Structurecom is the first fully independent, fully automated messaging solution for Derivatives and Structured Products, focusing on functionality and institutional clients. Structurecom provides low cost implementation through adaptive interfaces and data mapping schemes. Our platform runs on high performance & secure infrastructure while removing the trade-off between implementing fully-efficienct processes and IT costs for the market participants.


Business Process Implementation

WorkingWeb is a swiss based consulting company that specializes in business process analytics and automization. As first choice implementation partner, WorkingWeb supports StructreTech's clients in integrating the platform solutions into the client's downstream value chain. With more than 15 years of experience in financial business process analytics and omptimization, focusing on derivative markets, WorkingWeb is the optimal partner, helping our clients to analyse and accelerate their business.

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